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About SMC

After 15 years of working in the car industry and the acquisition of a wealth of knowledge and an extensive network of trade experts within the field, Rob Walker, (founding director) decided to change the face of used car sales, offering quality, warranted, used vehicles with a level of customer service and after sales support that is second to none, a main dealer service with affordable used car prices.

Since a young age Rob has been passionate about cars, motorbikes and almost anything with an engine, taking time to research every aspect of vehicles and their market values, meaning the ability to offer his knowledge to both a first time buyer or a seasoned buyer are readily available to ensure that whatever your requirements Stansted motor company will make your purchase as hassle free and as well informed as possible, and you leave in the comfort that you can drive away your new car with not only a weight off of your shoulders after tireless weekends of searching, but the peace of mind that your new car has a wealth of knowledge to carry it through its time with you.

We look forward to seeing you browse our range of used cars and bikes and get the customer service and support that you deserve with main dealer service and quality used car prices Stansted Motor company really is changing the face of used car sales for the better.

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